Commission Miniature Painting

Get your models painted up to a professional standard with commission painting from Whitewash Studio and have them looking great on the tabletop.

Welcome to Whitewash Studio

Hi my name is Rich, I am a dedicated painter of all things tabletop wargames. It's my goal for you to have an army that looks great on the tabletop that you can enjoy and I strive to fulfill your desired paint jobs to the specifications you require, operating from my own home with aims to expand. I have been painting models professionally for over a year and always ranking where best painted armies at events are available. No commission is to big or small, and the larger your commission the cheaper it works out for you over all.

Tabletop Miniature Painting Services

Whitewash Studio provides a range of miniature painting services, covering commissions of all shapes sizes, from single models to full painted armies. We provide both tabletop and advanced painting standards to better suit your requirements.


Whether you are looking to get that one centerpiece model such as a Super Heavy Tank or give your favourite character an awesome paint job that will really make him stand out on the tabletop i can help you get that look. squads, teams, or whole armies are not a problem either.

I can also replicate paint jobs so a new unit can fit into a army you already have painted.

Tabletop Standard

Fed up having unpainted models on the battlefield? Get your army or team looking great on the table with my tabletop standard service.

Tabletop Standard

Advanced Standard

Choose the Advanced Standard for your models to stand out on the tabletop, making your models pop and look like they have been professionally painted.

Advanced Standard

Full Army

Not got the time or patience to paint a whole army? Whitewash Studio is here to help, we also provide discounts on large commissions, check out my previous work.

Army Painting