Advanced Standard

Get your models looking their best with our Advanced painting service

Forget the standard looking force, get the advanced standard from Whitewash Studio and have yourself something truelly special that no other will have. Using Advanced techniques and superior products this is the standard for those that want the best.

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Advanced Standard.

Choosing this standard at Whitewash the following will be done to your models.

  • All steps involved in the tabletop standard
  • A further layer of edge high lighting
  • Work on lenses
  • Battle damage
  • Detailed faces and other focal points
  • Weathering powders
  • OilsĀ 
  • O.S.L (The "glow" effect)
  • Burnished metal

Should you not like any of these techniques, it can be left out, after all it is your commission. If there is a method that is not listed get in touch and see if we can include it.

Base desires.

With this advanced level of commission more time is spent on the whole model, including its base. Whats the point in a cracking mini and a poor base. Not only will I try to match existing model collections but try to fit the base into your gaming tables. Following on with the tabletop standard the following can be added.

  1. Resin skulls
  2. Preformed plastic girders
  3. Preformed plastic pipes
  4. Metal mesh
  5. Metal chain and wire

Should you want a bulk order of bases alone this is something Whitewash can do for you. All you have to do is get in touch and we can have a chat.


Is there a specific theatre, or not keen on a stage included, let me know and I will cater to your needs. Its your commission. Have it your way.