Army Painting

Looking to get a whole army painted to a professional standard?

At Whitewash Studio we offer our clients a army painting service, this service gives you the options of getting a whole army painted. Not only do I give a great discount on army sized projects, but I also include the option on what standard you want it done to. 

What is on offer for the person who wants his whole army commissioned.

The discount.

As this option usually involves a large number of models the cost of a good commission rises dramatically, I like to give a good discount for my customers.

A army painted in tabletop standard will receive a discount of 10%.

A army painted in advanced standard will receive a discount of 15%.

All the deductions are only applied to the end total of your commission.

What makes a army sized commission.

A army sized commission is only considered as a army if it meets the following criteria.

  1. The models are to be painted in the same style.
  2. The commission contains at least 30 models.
  3. The commission contains 1 or more vehicles.
  4. They are to be based in the same style.
  5. It contains at least 1 character model.

What you can expect from Whitewash.

As army sized commissions sometimes numbers into the hundreds of models, these commissions do take a little time to produce, even so you can expect the following.

  • Weekly updates on your work.
  • Weekly photos of the project.
  • Free insured delivery within the uk.
  • A quality end paint job to your specifications.
  • A based army ready to use.
  • The commission to be completed on time.
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completed commission