November 4, 2018
Rich Cox

Zone Mortalis

Zone mortalis. This is a personal project. I got bought a set of zone mortalis tiles a couple of years ago as a gift for my birthday from my kids. Bless them. As my house is a crazy place most of the time, a table that can be stored and built fast with out turning

December 29, 2017
Rich Cox

army painter battlefields xp tuft review

The Army Painter make a selection of static grass tufts, With so many other company’s making these, why choose the army painter for these specialised product (xp), do The Army Painter have the edge in this field. In this review I take a in depth look at their version of the static grass tuft.  

November 10, 2017
Rich Cox

Necromunda Underhive unboxing and review

Necromunda Underhive The call has been answered and they have listened, Necromunda Underhive is the new board game that gw have released, I think its time to dust of those gangs and read the rules. But before all that what’s in the new boxed game? My local stockist Marionville models are taking pre orders. There

August 20, 2017
Rich Cox

Napoleonic era project blog kilted scots

Napoleonic Scots Why Napoleonic scots? Having picked up the waterloo bronze campaign badge anniversary medal from the London mint office a couple of years ago, I have been thinking of a way to include this in a diorama. The seed was truly sown with this idea, and whilst in a shop I stumble across these Victrix

May 13, 2017
Rich Cox

Varnish your models

Varnish Varnish comes in 2 types of medium. The liquid and the propelled. It is used to seal and protect your miniatures from a number of things from detrimental methods to knocks and bashes of table top warfare. In this article I will introduce you to some of the varnishes and what the effects are