November 4, 2016
Rich Cox

Water slide decals masterclass

Decals masterclass. Welcome to my first master class, all about waterslide decals. In this article I will go into depth on the practices I use for the application of them, their pros and cons, where best to place them and how to place them. What are decals. Decals are small designs on backing paper for

October 27, 2016
Rich Cox

Burning of Prospero Unboxing

Having just received my copy of the brand new board game Burning of Prospero by Games Workshop available this Saturday at knightly gaming and all other stockists, I’ve put together this unboxing article for those that want a better look at whats in the box. In this article I will go into depth of what I think

July 20, 2016
Rich Cox

Winter Theme Germans for Bolt Action

The plan Having finished off my bolt action British airborne (for now), I have decided to collect a highly mechanised German force. These will be painted in a winter theme and used mainly for tank wars, a bolt action supplement with a focus for armoured warfare. In my opinion, the Germans were at the cutting

June 22, 2016
Rich Cox

Mechanicum Commission

Tasked with a Mechanicum commission, I will make this my blog about this project. Speaking to the client about this commission I flesh out what he has in his mind about the choice of pallet, this was a easy task as he knows what colour armour panels he wants, and deep osl colour. With a

June 10, 2016
Rich Cox

warlord games ss sturmbataillon unboxing

warlord’s ss-sturmbataillon Charlemagne Having just picked up this fantastic box of warlord 10 ss-sturmbataillon Charlemagne from 6s2hit in Edinburgh they will be my next unboxing. I first notice a small introduction to this box on the back with a little historical history of the models contained inside. Warlord games are the manufacturer of this box set