army painter battlefields xp tuft review

The Army Painter make a selection of static grass tufts, With so many other company’s making these, why choose the army painter for these specialised product (xp), do The Army Painter have the edge in this field. In this review I take a in depth look at their version of the static grass tuft.

army painter tufts pack


The Company.

Every body who has been in the hobby for a while knows of The Army Painter for many reasons, they sell a wide variety of products from dip, to spray paints and more. Based in Denmark, and available at almost all hobby shops (not including gw) their product has a wide reach world wide. Their customer service is great, and most of their products are cracking to use.


The Site.

The Army Painters home page is a fantastic tool, easy to navigate, with smooth page uploads, and some great articles on how to use their products. Their products are clearly photographed and making a quick search for a certain product will get you where you want to get too. This site sets the bar for many others with the ease and amount of stock they hold.


The cost of a single pack of The Army Painter Battlefield xp tufts is £4.43 at the current exchange rate. By no means the cheapest tuft on the market, but in the same bracket as the leading tuft producers.

Ordering Process.

Same as most sites a simple 3 step, basket shopping process is in effect, click the icon and its added. Although it would be nice to have a simple pop up stating that it got added. Clicking on the basket to check out, you get your shopping carte, this page lets you delete items, and I like the way this all works. Proceeding with your order as a new customer, you will require to fill out all the usual details and options to sign up to the news letter.

Payment Process.

After the initial set up you are asked to confirm your order, shipping fees and vat are added to your order and  if all is good you can pay via PayPal.

The Wait.

The Army Painter have a very speedy service, with 3 days on average for your products to arrive in the post from their ware house.

The Product Itself.

The denseness of the grass is nice, giving clear colour with the correct theme, be it marsh, winter or frozen. A single pack offers you a selection of sizes, 12 large, 35 medium, 30 small. The tufts come away from the backing sheet nicely, and the tackyness of the tuft is still there ready to stick. (although use a dot of glue to be sure the tuft stays in place). The packaging is great, and set up for shops, big and study, and clearly labelled with brand and what’s inside. The box reverse also gives instructions for use.

Battlefields xp adds that little something when mixed with other products to give a realistic effect, tufts are a great visual point for your bases and catch the eye.








Over All.

The Army Painters Battlefields xp product are a great product, not as cheap as most tuft products but a better quality than that on offer from tajima1 and gw. The colours of the tufts themselves are strong and realistic. The colours match other brands, and having the 3 sizes in a single box is a nice touch. Being honest I think if I was to buy these I would look for a distributer in the uk as the shipping and vat fees make these a tab to expensive compared to other brands. That said the shipping is fast.

The tufts come from the backing paper nice, and remain tacky for the quick fix to your base.

I think that these are aimed towards the beginner and a single box would easily work for a small army with about 50 models. The packaging can be opened and sealed time and time again, offering a protective box to stop them from being crushed.

Should you require a little something to make your base pop, get a box, they are good.




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chris cornwell

Warlord sell them in the UK at £3.99 a pack- they are the best tufts I’ve found, and Warlord delivers in a couple of days


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