Gamers Grass Static Grass Review

Gamers grass are a company that make and sell static grass tufts for the modelling community. The small tufts are great for adding detail to your bases and with many company’s producing them, why should you choose gamers grass foremost above the others. In this article I take the product and strip it down to see if they truly are the markets best.

gamers grass

The company.

Gamers grass are a global company with a spread of stores from Australia to Europe, helping them get their products to a global community of miniature war gamers. They offer a fast service with a straight forward and simple web site to view and order their products.

The site

The gamers grass site is a straight forward site, telling you if the product is in stock, with clear pictures of the products. The size can be chosen along the top bar with options also for their flower ranges, and local sellers of their products. The tag option is a nice feature helping you to streamline your search. A easy to work with site.


With the smaller tufts costing £2.50 and the larger and flower range costing £4 the product is hitting the cheaper scale for the quality of product on offer.

Ordering process.

A straight forward process of clicking the product you want, after this the quantity can be chosen, and then it can be added to you basket. With the continue shopping option you can go straight back into ordering more.

Payment process.

Payment is made after you have finished your shop following 5 simple sections.


This section lets you review and change the quantity of the product you want to order.

Sign in.

Add the details, signing in will keep you on record for future shopping asking for your email and setting up a account. Because to be honest you will be back for more. Or a simple jump with out setting up a account is on offer. Your details are remembered for easy ordering next time should you  choose.


2 address are required. The delivery address and the billing address.


2 options here. Either international or priority. Price varies a little here but you have tracking with the priority shipping.


Letting you know again what products you have ordered and a exact cost break down the final step could not be easier. Payment can only be made with PayPal. This covers both you and them.


Postage is international based. Although with key stores globally they have it covered. The tracked option is nice, but considering you are covered by PayPal this is a expense that can be avoided. There is free shipping on orders that include 10 or more of their products.

The wait

Even with out choosing the tracked shipping option the product takes less than a week to get here. Just in time for me to use them for a up coming event on Saturday. Nice and fast.

The product Itself

The static grass tufts that gamers grass produce are of a fantastic quality, with a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The realism of these tufts are fantastic, with a tone variation from dark to light helping achieve realism.

The flower range of their products are again realistic, with out over doing the desired effect. With quantity varies from the size and what product you want but with 70 per strip of the small size and 18 plus of the larger jungle sized tufts there is enough to add the desired detail to you project. The glue used has a good tack but as always with static grass you would want to add a little of your own to permanently fix them down where you want them.

gamers grass on the left and tajima on the right. Choose for your self the most realistic
gamers grass on the left and tajima on the right. Choose for your self the most realistic

With the range of colours, sizes and design of product there s defiantly something here to provide you with a realistic effect. Jungle, Forest, Meadow and so many more settings can now be achieved.

gg close up

larger tufts and flowers
larger tufts and flowers
gamers grass small tufts
Gamer Grass Small Tufts

Over all.

I have used many different tufts in my search for the best, and I will tell you now that the tufts provided by gamers grass are the best. The multiple options they provide is great, with a standard of product some company’s could do with taking note from. This company has indeed changed the way I will base future commissions as well as my own personal projects in the future.

Not being a local company is the only down fall I can find but with a list of company’s that they stock too makes this gripe invalid. Fast in arrival with a range to challenge their competitors, check them out. I’m sure they will become your number 1 supplier of tufts when you get their product delivered.

these model won a best painted in a event i went to and I beleive these tufts helped.
these model won a best painted in a event I went to and I believe these tufts helped.

the winter tufts seen blend so well with the winter theme of this project
the winter tufts seen blend so well with the winter theme of this project

added to bases they bring a level of detail that you will love
added to bases they bring a level of detail that you will love

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