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bases…Having a commission come in that is to be based on a space ship style base has led me to looking at alternate basing ideas other than the normal sculpting that I usually do. Looking on line I see a line by secret weapon miniatures. So I decide to pick up a pack to see if they are as good as they look. This is what I found out.

Secret weapon miniatures resin bases.

Secret weapon miniatures produce a detailed line of resin bases in a wide variety of styles, from alien invasion to urban rubble. With a commission on the boards being a space crusade game, following the style of the clients boards was very important. Looking over their range I see a line called warp core. These are perfect for the job in hand an I decide to get some in to not only show the client but write a review on my experience of them.

The site

The site has a great format, and is very easy to use. The range of other products they stock is great and with out doubt worth a look. The speed of uploading pages is fast, and the lettering easy to read and very clear.


The ordering process was straight forwards. After finding the section for their bases, picking the style of base was the first step. The next step was choosing the size of base I want, the price is clear from the start. Creating a account is the only hold up, and as soon as that is done I can make my purchase and empty my carte.


The cost was $10 for a set of 10 25mm bases. With a cost of $5 for shipping across the pond. I am more than happy at this cost, and I’m sure you would be too.

The wait

I placed the order on the 8th and they arrived on the 22nd. Sacramento to Scotland. There are stockists in the UK, but I wanted to see the experience as it were, from the source for such a small order.

The product

When the post man arrives with my brown envelope I’m greeted with a small clear bag of resin bases. They are the ones I chose and are undamaged. Pulling the bases out I give them a check for any mould line issues. There are none, the detail is crisp, with clear lines. The depth of the bases was my only concern when placing the order and I am happy to find out that the bases are in fact not a deep as I feared. In comparison to a normal gw base they stand maybe a couple of mm above them.

The level of detail is great, between the grill sections there are pipes, and they are clearly well thought out before they were put into production. The surface area for contact for the feet is clear and there are no huge raised areas to make a static model look odd. With the design having 10 in its range and enough room to mix them up with a little extra added detail I think that these will suite the commission in hand they were bought for.

Over all.

My experience with shopping with secret weapon has been fantastic. Reasonable priced, hassle free, straight forward shopping. I will use them again in the future for sure.

warp core unpainted
warp core unpainted






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