Tabletop Standard

get your models tabletop ready
and onto the battlefield

At Whitewash Studio we offer the tabletop standard for those who have a budget, or those who just want their models to look good for when they play. This standard covers most of the areas a competent painter can do, focusing on getting the base colours on to the model, a standard base and some detail work.

Tabletop standard.

Whilst this is the basic of painting level the following will be done if you choose this standard.

  • Primed in a durable undercoat of paint.
  • 2-3 layers of professional grade model paints emphasizing on shades.
  • Adding any decals using professional grade liquids.
  • Pickin up on the details so they are noticeable.
  • Washing the models with inks to emphasize the models details.
  • Final touches of extreme highlights.
  • Varnishes to protect the paint job.


Your base desires.

 As with your model, if you have a base to fit, it will make your model look that much better.

At Whitewash Studio we offer the service of making bespoke bases to not only fit into your existing army or your local gaming table. 


Our bespoke bases will follow the same painting process as your models. At the table top standard you can expect your base to have a mix of the following. This is chosen by you by picking a theme for your army.

  • Flock.
  • Gravels.
  • Cork.
  • Static grasses.


Work in progress.

We provide photos of your commission not just when they are asked for but whilst your project is being done, usually between the stages to double check that you are happy with it,  if a problem arrises it will be best for all to be caught early.

Your commission progress can be tracked through local media such as Facebook and Twitter but unfortunately it will not be found directly on this site. 

Should you wish for pictures of your commission as it stands i will make sure that you get some as soon as possible. If you are not on social media a direct email will be sent to the address you provide.

Postage and packing. 

As soon as your models arrive you will be informed that they have arrived safe and inspected. I would love to absolutely guarantee that they have made it here safe and undamaged but with out collecting them personally I take no responsibility for the postal services. All I ask is that you send them recorded delivery. I will send them back to you on time, in protective packaging and also recorded delivery.


Payment is required in 2 parts on projects costing over £100. The first half of your payment will be required after I have received your commission and your work will not be started until this sum is received, this part of your payment is non refundable as will cover the tax and supplies to do your commission. The second half of your payment is required to be paid in full before your completed commission is returned to you. Payment is required into a paypal account. This will not only protect me but also you.

Personal information.

Your commission is yours, but I will be keeping photographic copies of the work done that I can use. I will not hand out any personal details to anyone else and will always ask before hand if someone wants to contact you through me. From time to time there maybe events or special deals on offer that I would contact you about. You are not obligated to take me up on these offers but I will share them with you.

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