Necromunda Underhive unboxing and review

Necromunda Underhive

The call has been answered and they have listened, Necromunda Underhive is the new board game that gw have released, I think its time to dust of those gangs and read the rules. But before all that what’s in the new boxed game?

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Box Art.

Necromunda UnderhiveNecromunda Underhive

The frontage features a battle scene between the gangers of Esher and goliath, a moody piece showing the grim darkness of the Underhive.

The Necromunda logo is a fantastic, and has been spread about social media for a while to build up the hype, its a dark twist of the imperial Aquila warping it into a skull, with out doubt a few will have this as a tattoo before long.

The Reverse contains some lovely painted miniature’s (at scale), the box contents, a picture of a game set up, all the usual box logos, warnings, and bar codes. The thing that pulls the eye is the 2 house descriptions on either side. A nice piece explaining what the Escher and goliath gangs are all about in the space of a paragraph.


Opening the box and delving inside you are greeted by the latest games workshop offering…


Necromunda UnderhiveNecromunda Underhive

The fact that like the old Necromunda, Underhive contains some fantastic terrain. The bulk heads are great, detailed with rivets, lights, hatchways, and feet for the 7 bulkheads to help further the tipping point. Unfortunately, they are slightly to large to fit into the forge world door frames with out a little snipping and chopping but they do fit into the board itself. The mould lines are found around the flat sides of these, so a little basic clean and prep and these would be ready to go.

Not only are there bulkheads there is also a frame of barricade’s, ammo boxes with bullets and weapons, man hole covers, patches of grenades (traps), and even a little sump monster in the form a tentacle. The detail is great and the mould lines again along flat edges. The barricades have a nice touch of having weapon damage.


Necromunda Underhive

The Escher frames are identical, with so many individual parts and options it makes your eyes tear up. The size is the same as the old miniatures. Each frame will make 5 miniatures, with a host of options to make each unique. The weapons range from whips, las pistols/guns, auto pistols/guns, a plasma pistol, blades, a bolt gun and chem thrower. With 8 heads/faces and all these weapons, no 2 will be the same. As there are 2 frames now double these options. I am happy to say that the mould lines are pretty much none excitant, with enough room to get the parts snipped out, and all numbered.


Necromunda Underhive

A gang from the original game, the old 2 part push fit frames of that age are staying in that age. The goliaths also have 2 frames of identical parts. As with the old models these are thick set, with heaps of options. Each frame also contains 8 heads/faces, parts for 5 gangers, having options to arm your guys with a selection of weapons including hammers, axes, a pair of combi weapons, a rivet cannon, stubbers, a grenade launcher and a bolt gun. There are heaps of armour parts to personalize your gang and some great looking stick grenade’s. again with 2 identical frames to make 10 models the options and individuality available is fantastic.


Necromunda Underhive

So, gw have given a pack of pre modelled bases, a nice touch, The bag contains 15 25mm (old standard base size) and 10 32mm. the bases match the terrain in the box very nice and is a great wee touch from gw.


Necromunda Underhive
Necromunda Underhive

Templates are back in with this edition of necromunda and come as the old 40k ones but in orange. I guess spacing is a element of game play.

The Boards

Necromunda UnderhiveNecromunda Underhive

This version of necromunda is a board game, and as such requires you play on boards. the box contains 9 dual sided boards, that are a match the inside of the bottom of the box (extra game tiles maybe?) The thing I notice most of all is the fact that they are exactly the same size of forge world zone mortalis tiles (zone mort was always hard to transport tbh). The art work on the tiles is also highly detailed, and as grim and dark as the fluff of the time line involved (40k) The reverse side has damaged sections, drops, toxic glowing waste, and other great detailing that will add a great feeling to the table when set up.

Markers and tokens.

Necromunda Underhive

There is a sheet of markers and tokens included in the box. These include wound, ready, broken, blaze and out of ammo markers. making keeping tabs of your own and the other players gang easy.

Measuring ruler

Necromunda Underhive

Included in the box is a simple measuring device numbered from 1 to 12. its a clear thin floppy plastic item reminding me of a school 30cm ruler. Not only do you get a fancy measuring stick, but also a couple of sealable bags to put all your spare bits into.


Necromunda Underhive

There are 16 6 sided die, 6 are d6, 6 injury dice, 2 scatter dice and 2 firepower dice.These are a little bigger than the normal sized d6 you tend to get from gw when you purchase their games, but at least you no longer cant see what was rolled.

Rule book

underhiv rule book


The rule book is 104 page long, full colour soft back. contained inside are all the rules required to play necromunda Underhive. There are 6 scenario’s to play through, and through out some great black and white pictures of the 2 gangs included. The weapon profiles are included for each weapon in this game. There are also 2 cheat sheets so that you and the other player may use them instead of the full rule book, when you are a bit more familiar with the core rules.



necromunder underhiveNecromunda UnderhiveNecromunda UnderhiveNecromunda UnderhiveNecromunda Underhive


The deck of cards included in the Underhive are split between 3 decks. The 28 tactics cards are split between 3 separate decks, one for each of the gangs in the box(4 each), and a generic deck of 20 cards.

The 10 miniatures that can be made in the game for each gang have their own personalised cards, giving credit cost, weapons and profiles. I think this is a great way to make a gang easy as possible to begin with and having 22 blank cards, I think is also a great addition enabling you to create a custom gang.


Over View

This looks like a great game for the cost. GW are scratching the itch in getting these stand alone games back into the market. It was a sad day when they were pulled from their shelves, and due to popular demand are getting the love they needed to bring them back up to date.

The miniatures as with all recent gw releases are supper detailed, proving they are still one of the leading miniature game produces out there. The little things go a long way and having the complete game and all that is needed to play it in a single box is always a good idea.

The only way I can see this game improving is when the other gangs get a little love, enabling them to be used in this game as well, as I’m sure every one has a gang somewhere…






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