Talons of the Emperor unboxing

Talons of the Emperor.

With all the hype that came when the sisters of silence and the custodies first burst out the prospero box, its nice to see that the company we all know and love have decided to capitilize on this fact and release Talons of the Emperor, a box set with this wing of the imperium as its focus.

Retailed at £95 from games workshop the price is high, but with local stockists selling them for I pick up a copy from my local hobby store Marionville models for a cost of £81 making a saving of £14.

The box.

As with any gw box there are a fair few pictures covering the whole of the surface. On the back are the colour charts so you can paint the contents as close to the pictures as possible, and a list of contents.

box art frontbox art back


Inside the box your greeted by a host of plastic sprues, a bag of bases, and a book pack. The sprues are all easily recognisable from previous gw releases and I’m disappointed to not find something original in the box. This may cause a few less copy’s to sell, as a nice new limited to this release model would have been a great selling point. But you do have the following…

  • Standard Landraider with Lascannons.
  • Standard Rhino.
  • A Calth Contemptor.
  • 5 Prospero Sisters of Silence.
  • 5 Prospero Custodian Guard.
  • Codex Adeptus Custodies.
  • Codex Sisters of Silence
  • A Talons of the Emperor instruction manual
  • A bag of bases, 5 32s and 5 40s
  • A loose Dreadnaught base
  • And finally a double sided poster of a Custodies or Sister.

The miniatures

The landraider

The box includes one of these mighty transports enabling you to ferry 10 models across the table shielded by amour 14 all around. Armed with a host of weapons including twin linked Lascannons and heavy bolters the sprue also gives you acess to pinte mounted weapons and having built many of these in the past are a awesome kit to build and paint. On of the biggest tanks available to 40k marine armies, The flat sides are a empty pallet for all kinds of free hand work.

landraider sprue



The Rhino.

Another kit that is a must have to most imperial forces. With weaker armour than the landraider the rhino only has the options for pintle mounted weapon systems. Although small in size the detail that the Rhino has is initself is great, the detail is not only on the out side ut also on the inside too. With the Rhino the mould lines are minimal and the sprue conection points are in places so not to damage the main frame when you remove the parts from the sprues.

rhino sprue

The Contemptor

This class of Dreadnaught from the 30k era of the fluff, has to be hands down the best Dread in the game. The sprue is fantastic, full of detail and weapon options including the assault cannon, twin linked multi melta, and a power fist. The model has a static pose but with a little work can be re posed with ease thanks to it being in plastic. Mould lines are next to none on this model leaving cisp edges.

contemptor sprue

The Sisters of Silence.

These nuln maidens are slender, with parts galore. Options included on the sprue include the bolter, flamer and sword. The parts are extreamily thin and small, with contection points to the sprue in places that are hard to notice when built. The sprue also includes a nice choice of heads. With the 40k era being so psyker heavy a few small units of these have all the special rules to nullifie or counter even the most powerful witch in the game.

sister sprue

The Custodian Guard

These guys come from a sprue chocka block with detailed options. The 2 headed eagle is on every thing. As these guys in the fluff were the Emperors personal body guard the level of detail found on these parts is unreal. Unfortunatly there are a few mould lines on these parts so a little extra work is required to get them ready for painting. With these miniatures you get the full assortment of weapons from the spear, to the shield and sword. With both sharp sticks having the bolter attached to it, the spear looks great but the sword looks just a little odd.

custodies sprue

The Codie

Included in this box are 2 codex. These are small paper back books with all the details you need to run the units in the box in your games of 40k. Each contains the fluff, rules, points, and a great selection of pictures.


Instruction manual.

This handy manual gives you the instructions to build all the units in Talons of the Emperor. Its pictures are clear in black and white and of the new style of instructions that come with all their new kits. Its 25 pages of does and don’ts and you should have at least a flick through when you get your box.



Over view.

Talons of the Emperor is a great way of getting some units that were only available to the 30k box games. Although the units are pulled from different boxes and re boxed into this one, the models are of a great standard with little extra work needed to just put them together and paint them. The Codex for both the Custodies and Sisters are a good touch and I can see the Sisters getting more use than the Custodies on the pure factor that 40k is so psykers heavy and these gals neutralise the powers that get cast. I was disappointed that there was no special model or any decals to be found to be found in the box, but with the Codie only having in them what is included in the box, there is no entry for any hq unit or characters. The models are detailed to the extreme, and are fun to paint, and who don’t love a Landraider…




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